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What makes a pre-loved house a great option when it comes to choosing a new place to live in? Firstly, pre-loved homes are in an established neighbourhood, allowing you to be engaged with those around you as soon as you move in. Secondly, pre-loved houses usually come with landscaping, thus allowing you to save a good sum of money on landscaping costs. Thirdly, a lot of pre-loved homes come with everything you need to live comfortably, although repairs may be necessary.

Every aspect of the property needs to be thoroughly checked before you move in. Since there are issues that you can possibly sort out yourself, you should make a list with two columns: one for the problems you can fix, and the other for those which require professional assistance.

One common problem you can sometimes fix yourself is a blocked drain. With a plunger, drain snake, and a chemical drain cleaner, you can potentially rectify this problem in under an hour. However, these solutions to blocked drains do not work 100% of the time, especially with drains in homes that are more than four decades old. In this case, it’s important to check if other drains are blocked as well. If more drains in the home are blocked, it is safe to say that the sewer in your property is clogged, but check for the following signs to be sure:

    • • Gurgling or bubbling noises in the toilet


    • • Toilet water rising


    • • Sewer smells


    • • Sewage backing up


    • Sewer gully overflowing

The following are effective solutions to sewer blockage:

    • • Sewer line cleaning using an electric eel


    • Pipe relining

The first solution, though effective, can cost a good amount of time and money due to the need for digging and pipe replacement. With pipe relining, digging and pipe replacement are not necessary, thus making it a cheaper and more efficient pipe repair method.

The advantages do not end there. Here are a few more advantages of pipe relining:

    • • The lining, being made of fibreglass, has a long lifespan and is perfect against future root intrusions and leaks.


    • It has a smooth surface, thus permitting the quick passage of wastewater and wastes.

How pipe relining is performed:

    • • Partial cleaning – A high pressure drain cleaner is used to partially clean the pipe.


    • • Visual inspection – A video camera is inserted in the sewer line. Video footage of the interior will be taken in order for the team to know the severity and exact location of the problem.


    • • Full pipe cleaning – The high-pressure drain cleaner is used once more to completely clean the sewer line interior.


    • • Lining installation – The fibreglass lining is placed in the interior of the pipe. It is then blown up and left there until it dries (or ‘cures’).


    • Quality assessment – We will check how well we did our job by taking a follow-up video of the new sewer line interior.

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