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Marie flushed and watched the paper swirl about the bowl, the water rising quite high, almost to the rim….

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Blocked Drains

Daniel turned the tap again, twisting it on as far as it would go. Water poured out but refused to heat up…..

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Hot Water


Another beautiful Sunday spring day in Manly drew Irene out into the garden. The sun wasn’t……

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Emergency Plumbing

Facts You Should Know!
Manly, best known for its spectacular swimming and surfing beaches, is located 17 kilometres north-east of Sydney’s CBD, and makes up part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. Due to the area being close to the city centre, for having its trademark, world class beaches, and for its tranquil lifestyle in general, housing prices in Manly are some of the highest in the country.

Apart from swimming and surfing at Manly’s beaches, locals and visitors can enjoy views of Sydney Harbour, catch the Manly Ferry to and from Sydney, visit the Oceanworld Manly aquarium, hire bikes, explore the weekend markets, and wander through bushland at North Head. In October, Manly holds the highly anticipated Manly International Jazz Festival which is the largest in the country with many free performances from day to night.

If after a day of swimming at one of Manly’s beaches, you come home and jump in the shower to find the water won’t heat up, there’s only one thing to do – call your friendly local plumbing company, Plumber Manly, and they’ll get your hot water streaming through your shower head again in no time!

Plumber Manly Ferry

Your local Plumber Manly provides a fast, reliable, friendly and affordable same day service 24/7. Call us today on 0412 161 380. As a show of thanks to our customers, if you book a job with us online, you can save $25!

Here’s why Plumber Manly should be your number one choice for plumbing services:



Can’t call a plumber when your toilet overflows at midnight? Think again! When a plumbing disaster strikes, you can call Plumber Manly! Plumber Manly is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year



Plumber Manly is proud to offer services that are cost-effective. Not only that, before our plumber leaves your premises, he will take a good look at the rest of your plumbing at no extra cost to you to make sure there are no other problems that need to be sorted out



Plumber Manly’s fleet of work vans are fully stocked with the tools and supplies our plumbers need to address your plumbing issue. What’s more, they will be at your property when they say they will. We never keep our valued customers waiting!



Our plumbers at Plumber Manly are very experienced and professional who are 100% dedicated to their trade. Each one of them takes great pride in every job they do



Our technicians at Plumber Manly will be at your place for their job in neat work uniforms. After they have completed your plumbing work, they will do a careful tidy up, ensuring no mess is left behind for you to deal with



At Plumber Manly, we value honesty and transparency. We are always open about our prices. The price we give you before starting a job is guaranteed and will not contain any hidden charges



All the plumbing work we do for our valued customers is fully guaranteed, as is total customer satisfaction

Plumber Manly offers the following plumbing services:

Hot water heater system servicing or replacement with a better serving model
Total sewer system care
Clearing sinks and drains that plunging won’t unblock
Maintenance and installation of rainwater harvesting tanks
All plumbing services related to kitchen and bathroom remodels
Pipework reconditioning and repair
LPG conversions, plus a whole host of gas repairs

What our customer says

Water wasn’t going down, so Michaela got Plumber Manly around!

After a long day of gardening, Michaela was really looking forward to a nice, cleansing shower and a cup of tea on the couch. ‘Ah, a shower is one of life’s best little luxuries’ Michaela thought to herself as she swirled around under the shower head. After a while, she noticed that there was water pooling around her feet. She was puzzled. She looked at the shower floor and realised that the water from the shower was not draining. She quickly jumped out, wrapped herself in a towel, and then grabbed the plunger from under the kitchen sink. The plunging seemed to help the water drain a little, but not completely. She sighed, not knowing what to do as it was just after 6 on a Sunday night and surely there wouldn’t be any plumbers around at that time. She decided to leave the problem until the next morning when she would call a plumber.

Bright and early, Michaela called Plumber Manly, who her best friend recommended to her the night before when they were chatting on Facebook. She was told that in fact they could have sent a plumber around last night when the plumbing problem arose as they offered plumbing services around the clock! Being too late for that, Plumber Manly informed Michaela that they’d send someone over before midday to sort out her plumbing issue. Whilst Michaela was desperate for a shower, she was relieved she had someone coming to the rescue so quickly.

Sure enough, a very pleasant plumber from Plumber Manly arrived at Michaela’s house at around 11:15am. Through inspecting the pipes below the drain in the shower with the aid of a sewer camera, the plumber was able to detect the cause of the clogging – an abundance of hair and soap scum. The plumber was able to extract the hair and soap quite quickly and Michaela was able to have her long-awaited shower before lunch! After lunch, she called her friend to say thanks for the recommendation and let her know how fast and friendly the service provided by Plumber Manly was, just as her friend had experienced a few months back.

For the friendliest and most professional same day plumbing service, Plumber Manly is your number one choice! Call us today on 0412 161 380 and we’ll get one of our plumbers over to your place in no time!

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